Cherry Blossom

Get ready to be enchanted by the magic of Minigolf Adventure’s brand-new world: Cherry Blossom Valley. This addon pack contains a handcrafted oriental series of levels full of beauty and tranquility. Relaxing and enjoying a few rounds of mini golf on your own or with your friends has reached new heights.


Currently, our team is working on a game in which you will be able to fight for your home while sitting at the controls of a fighter jet. Follow us for more news!

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about Revulo

Revulo Games was created by a group of passionate game developers with more than 20 years of experience in this field. We are very excited to create games that are fun, engaging and a pleasure to play. Plus, we are constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver engaging gameplay mechanics, creative ideas and new ways for you to have fun on mobile or console.

Heli and golf ballNintendo Switch Console

It’s very important for us to bring your dreams to life and have fun for a change

We create a lot of great games for modern consoles. Many of our games are multiplayer focused, so you can spread the joy and have fun with friends and family too. It’s very important for us to bring your dreams to life and have fun for a change. It’s exciting and rewarding, and it constantly pushes the boundaries with the unique range of benefits.

our games

Here you can find a list of great games that you can play from us right away. We are very passionate about creating games, and nothing is better than being able to share them with you. It’s an engaging experience, and since we offer a variety of creative games, you will not have a problem immersing yourself into some of the many cool game worlds that we created.

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maze blaze

Shoot and blast your way through alien-infested mazes in Maze Blaze, a roguelike action shooter that’s intense both in color and gameplay. The goal is simple - enter the maze and gun down anything that stands between you and the exit. Your objective may always be the same but everything else is endlessly changing.

Minigolf overlay image

out NOW

miniGOLF adventure

Our minigolf game brings you the beauty and fun of playing golf, while also helping you improve your skills. With 50+ holes, 3 environments and great ball physics, you get to test your prowess and see how good you are at golf.

out NOW


Challenge your cue ball shooting skills in Cyber Pool, an arcade neon-filled recreation of the famous billiards game. Smash your cue ball on brightly colored balls across 40 unique tables that start from vanilla and get crazier as you go. This love letter to the classic arcade games is easy to learn yet hard to master, challenging you at every turn.

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House Fighters is a game where you need to do everything you can to eliminate your enemies while battling in a large home. There are a plethora of airplanes and missions to choose from. You have a large house with lots of locations and a dedicated single-player campaign. If you want to know more about this project follow us on our socials!

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join us

If you are specialized in game development or game publishing and you’re looking for a job, drop us a line. We are here to help, and we guarantee you will have access to some of the best and most impressive solutions on the market. We are always committed to success, and we guarantee you will have access to the utmost quality and value that you can find in the market.


Appropriate salary

We always want to make sure that our team is properly remunerated, so we offer competitive salaries

Flexible work time

If you want to work with us, you can choose when to work. We make it easy for you to work when you’re the most productive.

Gaming career

We can help you build up a great career in gaming, all while making it easy for you to work on some cool, amazing projects


Besides designing, developing and publishing great games, we are also humans. Who love to challenge themselves, make random inside jokes and memes, eat every sweet in the office, and of course, cooperate in a good mood. Learn more about our Team!

Piotr Skalski

Programmer - there is no such thing as unhealthy food

Michał Korczyński

Average techno enjoyer and person responsible for something

Piotr Skiba

QA Tester - A cool game and free evening - that's all I need

Robert Zych

Programmer; Everything is possible, but do I feel like doing it?

Teofil Chmielewski

Game design, testing and anything else, really

Kamil Skuza

Marketing & PR, New Business Development, loves graphic novels

Hubert Balik

Level designer, spaghetti enjoyer, the most hard-working employee (ever)

Kamil Bogdanowicz

Graphic worker - don't know how yet, but it will be done

Jakub Hakiel

Programmer - No ideas? Not enough coffee.




We are game developers, but we can also help publish your game thanks to a large network we established over the years. We are vetted publishers, and we know how to bring your game to market fast. We are very friendly and professional, and we will do everything to ensure that your game will achieve success every time.

In addition, we can also integrate your game to mobile or console. Since we have a lot of experience with integration, we are always happy to help and provide customers with the right solutions.



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