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Since we have over 20+ years of experience and 50+ (still counting!) games released so far, we thought that helping to develop, port, release and finally publish video games from other indie games studios, will be a great idea. And so it is! It's a different kind of a challenge, not an easy one, but we do all we can to make the process smooth, nice, and comfortable for you. Don't hesitate, to try to launch your game with us!

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what we can do for you?

We are game developers, but we can also help publish your game thanks to a large network we established over the years. We are vetted publishers, and we know how to bring your game to market fast. We are very friendly and professional, and we will do everything to ensure that your game will achieve success every time. In addition, we can also integrate your game to mobile or console.

IP & Product incubation

No matter how advanced your build or dev team is, we can complexly help you with: code, art, audio, design, quality assurance, usability, localization, release management, cross-platform development, support services, and lots more!

Go-to-market execution

Brand awareness is the key. We will help you out with the digital (physical releases are also possible) distribution platforms through sales, marketing, PR, events, expos, print, social media, and communities.

Funding & Lifecycle management

We are focused on long-term revenue from every single game, enhanced by free or paid add-ons (themed, time events, DLCs), promotions, bundles, other additional platform releases, self and global funding (e.g. Kickstarter) too.


We specialised in making single-player and multiplayer games. For PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One S/X, Series S/X. It means we can finish your project together, and publish it wherever it'll makes sense. On any platform, any store, any operation system.


game successes

A few hundred thousand people already bought our games. For us, it means a lot! It's a mission, commitment, symbol of trust. We treat every our gamer the same as our title, seriously, but with a heart. And we will take care of your games in the same way. Here are our top-notch successes, awards, and highlights from the past months!

over 100k sold


Minigolf Adventure delivers incredible visuals and a lot of gameplay time. Put the ball into the hole but be careful because danger lurks at every turn! It’s the ultimate experience for everyone that wants an exciting, fun, and rewarding casual game.

out now

Maze Blaze

Shoot and blast your way through alien-infested mazes in Maze Blaze, a roguelike action shooter that’s intense both in color and gameplay. The goal is simple - enter the maze and gun down anything that stands between you and the exit. Your objective may always be the same but everything else is endlessly changing.

out now

cyber pool

Challenge your cue ball shooting skills in Cyber Pool, an arcade neon-filled recreation of the famous billiards game. Smash your cue ball on brightly colored balls across 40 unique tables that start from vanilla and get crazier as you go. This love letter to the classic arcade games is easy to learn yet hard to master, challenging you at every turn across 6 different modes

about us

Besides designing, developing and publishing great games, we are also humans. Who love to challenge themselves, make random inside jokes and memes, eat every sweet in the office, and of course, cooperate in a good mood. Learn more about our Team!

Piotr Skalski

Programmer - there is no such thing as unhealthy food

Michał Korczyński

Average techno enjoyer and person responsible for something

Piotr Osika

Graphic stuff - someone once said that he would grow up

Robert Zych

Programmer; Everything is possible, but do I feel like doing it?

Teofil Chmielewski

Game design, testing and anything else, really

Kamil Skuza

Marketing & PR, New Business Development, loves graphic novels

Hubert Balik

Level designer, spaghetti enjoyer, the most hard-working employee (ever)

Kamil Bogdanowicz

Graphic worker - don't know how yet, but it will be done

Jakub Hakiel

Programmer - No ideas? Not enough coffee.

Heli and golf ball

pitch to us!

So, basically, we are a Simple Perfect Game Publisher. Why? You can trust our experience. If not, look at the numbers:

5+ self-published titles so far
top #1 Nintendo eShop
200.000+ units sold
100% independent developer
100% independent publisher

If not, just challenge us to send a pitch, vertical slice or demo of your game.
We'll review it and come back to you. It's a promise!


We don't like to brag so... we're not gonna do it. We will use the authentic words of our dear partners. Every mentioned game below was published successfully at least on a satisfying level of sales. Appreciate it!

Video Chumps review

Maze Blaze

"Maze Blaze is the bee's knees. From its unconventional structure to its strategic shooting, I had a great time blasting at robots while watching the life slowly drain from their once-neon eyes."

jinman11 (user)

Minigolf Adventure

"The one thing that made this game stand out compared to other minigolf games was the one gameplay mechanic enabling you to click to stop the ball anywhere, including in the air and hit your next shot from there (even from floating in the air!). This enables many massive level breaking skips that appealed to me and my speedrunning friends. We've spent many hours in the head to head "Race" and "Hot Seat" modes try to out-shortcut each other. We've definitely got our money's worth."

TremblayKing (user)

cyber pool

"Between 'cyber-pool' and sometimes almost 'neon mini-putt', this game is a nice and relaxing little time-killer (if you like playing pool, of course)! [...] I am still recommending it because this game is really beautiful, with many levels, lots of different tables, various challenges and play-modes. All set in a gorgeous retro-futuristic (yep! I just said 'retro-futuristic') neon lights ambiance, with chill electro-lounge music perfectly fitting the mood!"

manubras (user)

maze blaze

"Cool concept, nice visual and music. The game has some interesting upgrade pickups to change the loop a bit, but is missing variation in the maze and diversity of weapons to keeps me coming back and for that price."


See what's going on with the games we have launched so far. Any noticeable update will appear here so you can be sure that the games we want to publish with you not gonna be forgotten. They will live, at least we will fight for it together, forever!

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contact us

OK, so you have scrolled so far and still didn't reach us yet? That's fine, we understand. If you're not so sure that you want to be our business partner, or you have some questions or doubts left, feel free to contact us now! Nothing's better than a call or offline chat. We're here for you.